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CAT5 Ethernet Patch Network Cable RJ45 10m

CAT5 Ethernet Patch Network Cable RJ45 10m
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High Quality CAT5 Ethernet Patch Network Cable with RJ45 connectors 10m
Length 10m
A Straight-through patch network cable connects two different type devices, for example DTE-DCE (end devices to intermediate devices i.e PC computer to a router or Switch)

Straight through ethernet patch network cables for connecting two differnet type devices together
for letting one terminal (DTE) device communicate with an interconnecting hub, network switch or router (DCE), i.e. PC to Switch

CAT5 or CAT6 straight through Network Patch Cables are used to connect two differnet type devices together, if you need to connect two similar network devices i.e. a PC to or a Router to a Switch then you will need a Xover Crossover Cable (see our cables section)
CAT5 Patch cables and can be used for broadband, computer networking and other applications
Snagless or Not Snagless patch cables available
If no selection is made then non snagless CAT5 Patch cables will be shipped
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