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What is the difference between LCD and DLP

LCD liquid crystal display projectors use 3 separate polysilicon panels (one for each primary colour red, green and blue) the light is allowed to pass through or is blocked for each pixel to the create the display image through the projector lens.

DLP Digital Light Processing projectors use a DLP chip, a DLP chip contains millions of tiny mirrors, each mirror represents a single pixel on the display and tilts towards or away from the light source to create the display through the projector lens.

Both LCD and DLP have their advantages and benefits, more expensive DLP projectors contain multiple DLP chips whereas the lower cost models may have only a single chip, generally speaking LCD will produce sharper colour, image and will produce a brighter display from the same wattage lamp than the lower cost single chip DLP projectors.

DLP is generally preferred to LCD for video applications, however LCD with XGA or WXGA produces a better result than LCD SVGA which can produce a more pixelated display image.