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Panasonic Projector Bulb lamp module ET-LAF100A

Panasonic Projector Bulb lamp module ET-LAF100A
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Designed for the following Projectors:

Panasonic F100 WIRELESS
Panasonic PT-F100NT
Panasonic PT-F100NTEA
Panasonic PT-F100NTU
Panasonic PT-F100U
Panasonic PT-F200
Panasonic PT-F200EA
Panasonic PT-F200NT
Panasonic PT-F200NTEA
Panasonic PT-F200NTU
Panasonic PT-F200U
Panasonic PT-F300
Panasonic PT-F300E
Panasonic PT-F300EA
Panasonic PT-F300NT
Panasonic PT-F300NTE
Panasonic PT-F300NTEA
Panasonic PT-F300NTU
Panasonic PT-F300U
Panasonic PT-F430
Panasonic PT-FW100NT
Panasonic PT-FW100NTEA
Panasonic PT-FW100NTU
Panasonic PT-FW300
Panasonic PT-FW300E
Panasonic PT-FW300NT
Panasonic PT-FW300NTEA
Panasonic PT-FW300U
Panasonic PT-FW430
Panasonic PT-FW430E
Panasonic PT-FW430EA
Panasonic PT-FW430U
Panasonic PT-FX400
Panasonic PT-FX400E
Panasonic PT-FX400EA
Panasonic PT-FX400U
Panasonic PT-PX760
Panasonic PT-PX770

Lamp module for PANASONIC PT-FX400/FW430 Projectors. Type = UHM, Power = 250 Watts, Lamp Life = 6000 Hours.
Panasonic ET LAF100A - projector replacement lamp unit
Product Type Projector replacement lamp unit
Designed For PT FW430E FW430EA FW430U FX400E FX400EA FX400U
Projector Lamp & Housing - All our projector lamp modules contain high quality original bulbs which are provided and certified by the same manufacturers who supply the original projector makers Epson, BenQ, Sony etc

The quality and performance of our projector lamps are 100% equal to those used in the original projectors, in terms of perfomance, luminosity, lifespan and colour

ORIGINAL bulb means made by one of the major lighting manufacturers such as Philips Osram Ushio Iwasaki Matsushita Phoenix etc. In relation to projector bulbs, Original describes a replacement part made by one of the major OEM original projector bulb manufacturers - Please note that in respect of replacement lamps for Epson projectors, the Original bulb consists of a bulb normally made by Philips
Manufacturers Warranty: 5 Month

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