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Panasonic PT-VX605N Projector Bulb ET-LAV400

Panasonic PT-VX605N Projector Bulb ET-LAV400
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Designed for the following Projectors: Panasonic PT-BX620 Panasonic PT-BX621C Panasonic PT-VW530 Panasonic PT-VW530N Panasonic PT-VW530U Panasonic PT-VW535 Panasonic PT-VW535N Panasonic PT-VW535U Panasonic PT-VX600 Panasonic PT-VX600N Panasonic PT-VX600U Panasonic PT-VX605 Panasonic PT-VX605U Panasonic PT-VZ570 Panasonic PT-VZ570N Panasonic PT-VZ570U Panasonic PT-VZ575 Panasonic PT-VZ575N Panasonic PT-VZ575U Projector Lamp & Housing - All our projector lamp modules contain high quality original bulbs which are provided and certified by the same manufacturers who supply the original projector makers Epson, BenQ, Sony etc

The quality and performance of our projector lamps are 100% equal to those used in the original projectors, in terms of perfomance, luminosity, lifespan and colour

ORIGINAL bulb means made by one of the major lighting manufacturers such as Philips Osram Ushio Iwasaki Matsushita Phoenix etc. In relation to projector bulbs, Original describes a replacement part made by one of the major OEM original projector bulb manufacturers - Please note that in respect of replacement lamps for Epson projectors, the Original bulb consists of a bulb normally made by Philips
Manufacturers Warranty: 5 Month
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